10 sweet and fabulous girls smocked clothing patterns that will make you amazed.

Whether you are choosing smocking clothes for your kids, or need the perfect handmade gift to bring to a baby shower, kids apparels are so much fun to pick.  You can choose from smocked bishop dress, smocked sundress, geometric smocked dress or smocked bubble for girls.

Below you will find three of top smocked clothing patterns for girls, ranging from classic to modern.

1.  Hand-smocked bubble for girls

The toddler bubble is suitable for both baby girls and toddler. It is an ideal for girls to wear this in summer time. The bubble could be made in a classic plaid or gingham. There are various patterns that you could choose from, ranging from a little mermaid, cute seashell, which fit with the Summer theme to a Christmas tree, US flag, or bunny and egg for special occasions. At this point, every mummy and daddy should bear in mind that American Independence Day is coming soon. For this special day, a smocked bubble with special features of Independence Day is an ideal. Whether it is a long smocked bubble or sleeveless smocked bubble, they are all perfect dressings for your girls for this occasion.

2. The smocked fancy dress

Every little girl needs a fancy dress from time to time. Marylyn Monroe states that “when the girl has the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. It is also similar when the girl has the right dress. A perfect dress help her look more fabulous in any occasion like family holidays, weddings or fancy dressing- up parties like Halloween party. Children always love to disguise themselves in their favourite cartoon character or even a witch and pumpkin. A pumpkin tutu dress would be a best-chosen dress for them for Halloween dressing-up party.

3.  Cut-out dress

Another adorable dress option is the smocked cut-out dress. The cut-out dress provides a comfortable and easily- dressing. There are different types of cut-outs such as K- back cut out, U- back cut out, Y back cut-out or open back. If you plan to go to the beach for Summer, you should not miss any cut-out design. Cut-out dress gives the girls the sexiest look but still elegant in some way.


We have summarized up the three most popular dresses for baby girls and toddlers. There are many types of smocked dress that could help the girls look pretty in any event, whether it is simply a everyday style or special day with family and friends. I believe that every parents love to see their girls look charming and glamorous everyday. It has always been every parents’ wish.


Thank you for reading