March 21, 2018, is the 11th birthday anniversary of Babeeni. On this occasion, Babeeni General Director, Mrs. Mary Duong joined the celebration ceremony with an emotional speech, as she was also the founder of the wholesale children clothes brand 11 years ago.

It was 11 years ago when Babeeni Vietnam Company Limited was established with the first name of “Asia Craft and Furniture Company Limited”. From the beginning with so many risky and challenging decisions, Babeeni was very determined to settle down in the US market. The brand had expanded and continuously grown to keep up with incredibly customer's demand that required the instant changes.


In the early month of the 2018 year, Babeeni had introduced the new factory at Hai Duong province in order to increase the manufacturing capacity. At the present, the new factory has gone to the operation and production phase.

The company has grown into not only the top handmade smocked clothes for children but also one of the Typical Leader of ASEAN 2017 and Typical Brand of ASEAN 2017, for the continuous efforts and contributions over the years

The Babeeni 11th birthday anniversary had organized at the Sen Ha Thanh restaurant in a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Ms. Marry Duong (as company’s General Director) and Mr. Le Thanh Hai (as company’s Vice Director) had some opening speeches stating the purpose of the celebration, brief history of establishment and development of the company, as well as many thanks to the whole company’s employees who "have been working hard and determination to make a move no matter how difficult things can be".


Below are some beautiful moments at the 11th anniversary Babeeni ceremony!!





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