Babeeni Attend Fund Raising Event-Vietnamese Northern Flooding 2018

Tropical Vietnam is battered by floods and storms every year. Last month heavy rains triggered flash floods and landslides in the remote and mountainous northern Yen Bai province. 

The latest report from the country's disaster office said 15 people have been killed so far, 20 injured with an additional 12 missing people. The amount of land under siege has also spiked, with more than 295 houses damaged or destroyed and more than 1,000 households must be relocated.

The most damaged districts are Van Tran and Van Yen which are located in Yen Bai province. According to the government, material damages reportedly reaching $3 million.

There were lots of people who have been displaced from their home and had nowhere to go. These people are suffering from the flooding and need for immediate support. As soon as we heard about the flooding, we wanted to do everything we could to help the communities.

Fund Raising Event

Following the program lead by Vietnam Guardian for the Disabled People and Orphans Organization, collaborated with other organization, Babeeni has participated in the fund-raising event. The whole Babeeni family will contribute at least one or two day's salaries to the recent flooding victims who are still struggled with the consequences.

The money will go to food, basic home repairs, kids’ needs, and other personal services. We think the best way to help Yen Bai people with food relief is to donate the special fund organization. These people are battling the extreme cold, water contamination and serious danger of illness. These special fund organizations know what people need in such condition and we are sure that all the money we give is going to help people.

Besides, Babeeni attends to the main raising fund event which will be held at 31-08-2018 in HaiDuong province.

We hope that our customers will display their generosity and show the strength of our community. If you would like to donate to Yen Bai flooding victims, please contact our sale staff! 

 There are some memorial pictures at that event day:

Mrs Marry Duong was honoured to organize the Charity Event at Hai Duong province by the Head of Vietnam Guardian for the Disabled People and Orphans Organization. There was some Vietnamese famous artist who is willing to join the event to donate money to the flooding Northern Province.

Babeeni staff were eager to participate in the event which is organized by Vietnam Guardian for the Disabled People and Orphans Organization

Mrs Marry Duong was given the money charity by other organizations. Thank you for trusting on us!

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