Babeeni Attend The One Heart-We Can Change the World program 2018


Currently, Vietnam has about 7.3 million disabled people and about 400,000 orphans. However, about 80% of the people living in poverty still need help and support from organizations and donors. Along with expanding business stronger and better, Babeeni always keeps paying attention to implement corporate social responsibilities.





From 2011 to 2018, Babeeni had continuously participant in “One heart - We Change the World” event - the annual fund-raising program of The Vietnamese Guardian Association for the Disabled People and Orphans. The program also is a good chance for Vietnamese audiences to meet, talk, encourage and empathize with disabled people and orphans who are facing many difficulties in their life. Through the program, many organizations donated 20 billion VND (around $1,000,000US) for the disabled people and orphans.


One heart - We Change the World” event has become one of Babeeni sustainable and frequent programs. Because the more we work with, the more we truly understand how worthwhile this program. In this 2018 year, Babeeni Cooperation had donated 150 million VNDs (around $7.500 US) to Vietnamese Handicapped and Orphans Guardian Association. This is the great opportunities for us to express our gratitude and compassion to the poor and disadvantaged people.







Over the past 12 years, “One heart - We Change the World has contributed positively and effectively to supporting social protection beneficiaries. Some disadvantage people had been successful in their life came back to the program to help other disabled people. On this event, we have met lots of disabled people who had overcome the pain, hardness and come back to normal life even with a stable and happy life.




Mr. Hoang Xuan Hanh (who is blind and the director of "Hoang Kim Blind massage "Hanoi) is one of those cases. He had owned a small business and even run a professional service that applied the advanced technology called "biometric electronic". He had the power to take ownership of the company which not only creates more job opportunity for the blind people but also build a professional service contributed to the society.


We can't even find the exact or enough works to totally demonstrate it. Despite there were so many difficulties when staring business, these people had a strong determination to pursue their passion and never give up to the end. It's amazing and exciting to think that we had contributed a small part to their success story and the transformation in their living condition.




These motivation stories are share from the real experience of disabled people who overcome the complex life situation, to have the confidence to promote them and integrate into the community. That day was a meaningful day for our Babeeni staff! These moments give us more energy, enthusiastic and willpower to work and serve more people with all our heart toward a better and healthy society.





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