New Collection of My Little Princess




 “Once upon a time, there was a little princess….”

During childhood every baby has a dream to become a princess or a prince like ones in fairy tales; and their parents also consider the kids as precious littles.

Inspirationally, Babeeni have launched a new collection “My Little Princess”

that opens a spectacular wonderland and brings dreamy apparels to little girls and boys.  

Our signature collection includes a variety of dresses, outfits and bubbles that have been designed creatively in princesses and princes’ styles and various types of high-quality fabrics such as iridescent Taffeta, lustrous Chiffon, 3D Jacquard. Besides, some designs of matching dresses for mommy and baby are also quite excellent.  

Especially, craft techniques such as hand-smocking, hand-embroidery, hand-beading embroidery and hand-crochet create decorative patterns, in combination of 3D-tailored dresses with ruffles, puff shoulders and puff skirt, adding exquisiteness and delicateness to the designs of this collection.   


Vogue and Vintage

“My Little Princess” is definitely beyond a palace of splendor and a carriage of expectations on trendy kids fashion 2021.     


With glittering materials and creative embroidery, the collection makes a royal impression for little princes and princesses to sparkle with elegance and stand out in parties, feasts, special occasions, vacations and holidays.

Luxury and Chic Fabric   

Babeeni’s designers took the most advantages of new fabrics to make breakthrough in luxurious and grand designs.


*Chiffon fabric is a lightweight and smooth fabric with a sheer appearance, a magical luster and shimmery nature.

*Taffeta fabric is smooth, stiff, iridescent, glossy and shimmery fabric with lustrous shine.

*3D Jacquard fabric is filled with 3D patterns, durable, stiff, stable, resilient, wrinkle-resistant, pleasant to the touch and has a sheen & good luster.    

Babeeni continues to apply flexibly 4.0 digital printing technology to three types of fabrics such as Taffeta, Chiffon and 3D Jacquard, enhancing liveliness and loveliness of three-dimensional motif prints such as flowers, castle, palace, prince or princess… on the materials. 


Exquisite & Dedicate Craft Techniques

Babeeni’s artisans who are passionate to devote their best time and elaborate skills of traditional embroidery to make decorative smocked patterns or crocheted embellishments by hands so as to bring clothing products in quite sophisticated style.  


Classy 3D Bouffant Dresses 

In this collection, Babeeni used the most efficiency of gathering fabrics to create puffy sleeves and 3D voluminous skirts. Together with the gathers, making ruffles manually and meticulously helps form nice 3D bouffant appearances more than ever before.  


Fabulous & Incredible Looks

Let’s take an insight through our marvelous collection to contemplate fresh designs of fairy tales prince and princesses and get inspired of customizing ideas about fairy fashion of Cinderella, Snow White, Belle…so as to adore kids with stylish clothes and beautify childhood memories.


Each clothing product was created not by a magic wand but by love that Babeeni would like to send to little princes and princesses as loving gifts from fairy tales…