Babeeni medical examination Laocai 2018

The 2018 Babeeni Annual Medical Examination had been held on 17-18th May, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam, as it is an important part of maintaining occupational health and safety for the local inhabitants. The medical test is crucial for mental and physical health because it helps determine if people are free from any contagious disease.


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We are so often on these charity activities, but it always surprises and humble us to go to the mountain province in the northern of Vietnam.  Our aim is to provide the free healthcare test for the local inhabitant at Laocai province. We hope that this program can help those to aware of their health, and take proactive steps to improve their well-being

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At Babeeni, our manages always believe that people are our most important assets. We are trying our best to improve the employee healthcare and working environment conditions. These essential elements contribute to job satisfaction, higher-performance result, improving the quality of products, services, and customer's satisfaction.

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Along with the Annual Medical Examination, Babeeni also organized the event "Charity giveaway" for the elderly and household in poverty. The event is also sponsored by "Vietnamese Young Doctors Cooperation" from Bach Mai hospital. We have given gifts and medicine examined to around 500 elderly and household in poverty with the great help of the local organization.

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Along with offering employees a no-cost health check physical, we also give the free training course about sewing technique to the local inhabitant. We hope that these people will have chance to develop their career with Babeeni in the near future.


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We are planning to build more factories in the Laocai province which will be contributed to the local economic development. Our leader deeply understands that the employees will be likely to work harder for the common goal of the company, if they can see clearly their contributions will bring its success and benefit to their own community and society.




Below is some memorial moment on this Laocai Medical Examination Day:

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 Despite the cold weather, our Babeeni volunteers were happily carried out their mission.

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 Our young doctors were prepared for the medical examination.


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A joyful smile from both patient and volunteer’s faces

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Elderly received the medicine

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Babeeni staffs were guiding patients to the examination area.


The patients were waiting for medical examination
































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