Babeeni received the prize Top Brands 2016

On 29th October 2016, at Vietnam International Conference Center - News Agency, Babeeni Company, Ltd. was glorious to receive the prize “Top Brands 2016” from Global GTA (United Kingdom), under the supervision of Inter Conformity (Federal Republic of Germany).

This prize is annually conferred and assessed as well as supervised by one of the international organizations which have prestigious in the field of risk management, is the top option of international corporations in independently evaluating under the strict quality supervision of the organization Inter Conformity (belonging to Federal Republic of Germany).

The prize “Top Brands 2016” is to honor and recognize businesses which have excellentachievements in applying management system, based on the international standard in production and business activities, continuously improve product and service quality, eliminate defects, reduce prodigality with the purpose of remarkably satisfying customers’ demands. 

Yearly, businesses will be examined and appraised about competence by reputable international organizations. Through the prize, the business can confirm the competitiveness by quality as well as create difference and prominence that are more remarkable than other businesses.

After about 10 years of constantly evolving, completing about structure, various product designs and strongly investing in workers, devices, now, Babeeni Company, Ltd. had over 800 officers and employees and confirmed the certain position of smocked clothing products on the international market.

With the mission of generating high-quality products, various designs, appropriate prices, Babeeni Brand created super good products, with the traditional hand smocked product line that is loved much by international users for years.

Images about Babeeni’s directors on the stage:

With the ongoing effort of Babeeni Vietnam in improving production process, improving the workmanship and qualification of officers and employees, investing modern factory and equipment, Babeeni Vietnam was recognized and handed the prize “Top Brands 2016”. This is the proof for the effort of Babeeni in management activity, consecutive quality improvement, brand value development to deserve to be the top brand for customers and partners to choose.