The company’s charity activity began not long ago. It was started up with the desert of Babeeni’s directors. With the goodness, they allowed workers to produce 10,000 baby clothing sets with the purpose of conferring to people who have difficult life. Supporting the charity campaign of directors, every week at factory as well as office of Babeeni, we always organize the activity of donating old baby clothing. This can help workers at the factory hand clothing to people who have difficult life on Thursdays and Saturdays weekly. It was the same as last Saturday, although the weather was not favorable like weeks ago but fortunately, at 17:00 it did not rain anymore. Everybody began preparing tables and chairs as well as showing clothes to confer.


Clothes were being neatly put on the table

The preparation was done, then we only had to wait people coming. After that, we would confer apparels to them.


Before receiving free attires, everybody would register with a staff of Babeeni at the front table then come to the back table to be given attires.

Everyone waited to be alternately read the name to register of receiving garments

They were guided cordially

They received garments then happily went home


Babeeni’s staffs were enthusiastically guiding everyone the way to receive and choose togs

 Many people were waiting for their turns to receive togs.


After a long time of conferring free clothing for the ones that have hard life, now this charity activity of Babeeni is gradually familiar to people nearby. Therefore, even though the weather was not favorable and the program took place only about an hour, many people appeared at the gate of Babeeni Company to receive clothing.

This means that Babeeni’s actions of helping communities were and are being welcomed by everybody. Moreover, these actions can contribute to help families that have difficult life.

That is also the kindness of Babeeni’s directors as well as the goodwill of Babeeni's staffs to communities.