How to wash baby smoked clothes


Some parents don't hesitate to buy expensive for their children but it is quite challenging to wash the smocked baby clothes right way. Because of baby sensitive skin, parents might have a hard time when choosing smocked baby clothes. The task even may be more difficult when taking care of baby clothes.


Washing baby smocked clothes


It is crucial to wash your baby smocked clothes separately with detergent has no color, fragrances or fabric softeners. Your baby's delicate and sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction to a chemical in a certain detergent. It is better to play safe when washing smocked infant clothes.





Mother might want to use the special detergent for baby clothes in the first few months. But you learned the hard way that there is a mass of baby detergent in the market. It is worth paying attention to the fact that general detergent always has some sort of chemical component.


Before washing any baby smocked suits, it is essential to follow some below basic guidelines that keep your child safe and prevent garment suffer any damage.











Should We Wash Baby Smocked Clothes Before Use?




It is a good idea to gather, prepare and wash your entire baby items: smocked clothes, blanket, and other washable items. Because when they first enter the world, baby skin is still so sensitive and could be irritated by any kind of scratchy fabric material. If you continue to wash your baby smocked clothes before use, it will be a good chance to eliminate any kind of harmful material and protect their skin.



Do you really know what is the natural baby detergent


It is really important to make thing clear about the natural baby detergent. That is the specifically detergent designed for baby gently skin and free from any fragrance or chemical. There is some detergent that is perfect for sensitive skin with plant-based ingredient and organic material. Others work for fighting stains as it has the non-toxic components and quadruple enzyme formula.



How to wash smocked baby clothes step by step




Step 1: Follow the Instruction.

Read the instruction on the baby clothes tag or label carefully. Some smocked fabric material requires the special treatment for best washing or even may be only available with hand-wash. The instruction could tell you about the washing temperature, type of washing, the use of additives and guidelines recommended drying and ironing or recommend detergents.


Step2: The separate baby smocked clothes:

Mother might want to divide smocked baby clothing into light and dark color before washing to prevent fading spoils to the light color ones. Keep in might that always wash cloth diapers in a separate load in order to balance the washing drum of the water.



Some smocked baby clothes which are made from the delicate fabric will be needed gentle washing procedure. Therefore, you should avoid cleaning these garment hard way that may lead to any damage.



Step 3: Empty pockets of child smocked suits.

 It recommends checking the pockets of the children clothes before making washing.  This can prevent other elements or objects that can damage clothes washing interfere. As I mentioned, children tend to keep strange objects, small items in their pocket. You will be pleased to know that a number of the missing items can be found in children's pocket.


Furthermore, cleaning children's pocket makes the washing process more easily and safely.


Step4: Choose the right detergent

There is a whole science behind choosing the type of choosing baby detergent. Baby has a sensitive skin so be sure that not use the strong scent detergent. It is okay to test one or two baby detergent for your baby smocked clothes. If your baby seems itchy or there is a change in his skin, you should use another baby detergent.





My detergent did not work with baby smocked clothes and I had to use double rinsing clothes until my little girl one-year-old.


However, there are some popular brands for natural and organic baby detergent such as Green Shield Organic Baby Free and Clear Laundry Detergent, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Laundry Detergent or Seventh Generation Baby Natural Laundry. Liquid detergent is preferable compared to the powder one because it tends to rinse out more completed and more convenient.



Step 5: Pre-treat tough stains


The sooner you treat the stain, the better result comes out. While most baby detergents do not work well with stain, rely on the washing detergent could make it harder to remove the stain. However, this is easy said than done while mother always is busy with the diaper change or feeding breast milk. It is advisable to stock up your room with some instant good stain remover detergent.


Besides, the odor smell from baby clothes might be challenge with regular detergent. Parent wants to know how to remove the pee smell from the smocked baby clothes. And check that it has no negative reaction on the baby’s skin when washing hand smocked clothing.


No matter how many spills occur, with this above guideline, you can keep your smocked baby clothes clean and hygiene. We know that being a mother is both exciting and exhausting experience. Want to know how to choose the best baby smocked clothes, check other articles here.

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