Babeeni Charity: Giving Gift to Patient Kids at Duc Giang Hospital 2018

Over the years, Babeeni constantly was trying to improve both our products and services in order to expand our business. We also involve the social cooperate responsibility to support the local inhabitants as well as helping orphans and vulnerable children.


In order to support local children on Christmas, Babeeni had celebrated the event giving gifts and donate funds to orphans at Hanoi Orphanage Centre III and Duc Giang hospital. Christmas gifts are gifted for disadvantaged children who are receiving treatment at Duc Giang General Hospital this morning, 24th December 2018.


Babeeni staff incorporated with the Social Work Department of Duc Giang Hospital to visit and give over 100 Christmas gifts to kids that are receiving treatment at the Department of Pediatrics – Duc Giang General Hospital. Especially, our Santa Claus came and made kids excited and forgets the pain of disease.


We believe that by giving meaningful gifts, clothes, toys, nutrition, we can make the difference to these kids with special needs.



Mrs. Marry Duong, Babeeni Founder has continued taking lead and showing her love, caring and sharing with these kids about their pain, their loss, and their lack of families.



We hope these disabilities and misfortunes kids will have better opportunity to overcome their fate and have a bright future. 


Below is some memorial moment at Duc Giang hospital on Christmas Day


We considered these special days as one of the most meaningful activities that we can support the local community and contribute to our country.