Meaning of Babeeni

Babeeni is derived from and inspired by our passion and care for babies. Each letter in the word Babeeni brings a message from us to babies.


The word “Babeeni” originates from the Italian word “ Bambini” which means “ Children”. Therefore all of our products are made for children with love and care. All of the fabric, materials, ideas and designs of pattern are carefully chosen and produced in the best way for children.


“ Babeeni” is a composite of the word “ Babe” and “Bee”. This word also means “ Little Bee”. Therefore “ Babeeni” shows our symbol and message that the whole Babeeni family work hard as the little bees to make the best baby products , just like the little bees work hard day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute to bring their sweetest honey to life.


Moreover,  “ Bee” in “ Babeeni”  is a symbol of our products' features. “ Smock”, which means weaving the fabrics into a pattern to make it look like Beewax with steady folds and extremely tiny, beautiful shape. From these plain smocked pieces, we can create an interesting world of colorful animal, plant and other patterns with hand-embroidery techniques.


The copyrights of Babeeni logo and images are registered in Vietnam and America.


Thank you so much  for choosing Babeeni as your long term business partner. We will do our best to offer you the best service.


Sincere thanks and best regards