Customer referral program

Dear All,


In order to encourage referring business customers, BABEENI will offer free Voucher for both Referral and new customers:

*** For overstock customers,

- Free $50 voucher giveaway to referral customer who spend from $500

The referral customers need to provide their friends or relatives’ email, name and address. The voucher will be sent out to the referrals as soon as the new customers order and complete the payment successfully.

- Free $50 giveaway to new customers. The new customers need to provide their referrals’ information including Business name, address and email. The voucher can be used directly for either the first order or the following order if the first order does not reach up to$500.

***For BABEENI and LEWAVE customers,

A free $100 voucher give away to both of the referrals and new customers


The referrals need to provide full information about their friends or relatives. The ones who got introduced also need to provide full information about their referrals about name, business name and email.

-          The voucher will be deduct on their wholesale order that meet our MOQ

Thanks and Best regards