Meaningful children’s day 2019

Babeeni is a manufacturing children’s clothes company and on children day 1st June, every year, on this meaningful day, Babeeni held a party for all staff’s children in factory and head office with activity and presents and all of them are very eager

In Vietnam, this day, 1st of June is also the time that children finished 9 months studying and starting 3 months holiday for children. Babeeni acknowledged that; therefore, We especially awarded  children who had excellent academic achievements with:

  • 43 presents for 43 excellence kids

  • 43 presents for 43 advanced kids

  • 3 presents for one for 2nd prize Geography and two for Literature

  • 1 present for the consolation prize of English

All of the children enjoy the party of Babeeni with fruits, sweet, milk…

Ms Mary Duong – General Director of Babeeni is happy with Children’s holiday.

Mr Hai Le – Vice General Director, Factory Director is satisfied when he saw all the children smiled.

And he was happy when he gave presents for children

Ms Mary Duong especially awarded children who had excellent academic achievements


After children’s day organised at Factory in Hai Duong, Babeeni continually held a party for Staffs' children at Head office the next day.

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At 8pm, Ms. Marry Duong handed all presents to children.

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Ms. Mary Duong and Mr. Hai Le awared special presents for children - had excellent academic achievements

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Children had lots of fun with the clown and game

All the children promised with their parents, with Babeeni company to be a good & obedient student,.

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At the end of the program, some of the children performed several songs with their parents and friends

This day was meaningful for all of the children.  We hope that they would be contented and attempt their best to study in the future.

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