Happy Mid-autumn festival for children 2019

Happy Mid-autumn festival for children 

In Vietnam, the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Full Moon Festival, is a festival mainly for the Children. During the festival parents buy their children various types of lanterns, snacks and funny masks & toys. On this occasion, Babeeni held a party for children who are sons & daughters of staffs in Babeeni. 

A table of full fruits, cakes & candy were ready for everyone. They looked very delicious 

All gifts for children were arranged well-orderedly on table & ready to give for children. 

With careful preparation before, the party started at 7.30 p.m with attendance of all Babeeni’s staff & their children. 

Each child received a gift from board of management & they could freely plays games with clown. 

Children took part in games enthusiastically & danced ebulliently

And parents could take part in playing games with their children. 

Till 9p.m, the party ended. All had smiles on their faces. Everyone had happy evening together. It was really meaningful & joyful day. Thank you to Babeeni company's Managers giving such a memorable party.

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