Adorable Prices

As a children clothing manufacturer and wholesaler, Babeeni Co. Ltd always offers customers adorable prices that are competitive enough in global market.


We believe you can satisfy with our reasonable price rank of equivalent good quality.


Each clothing product includes value of

* Labor of our skilled employees with hand-made craft

* Certificated materials costs

* Professional customer services and after-service.


With our adorable price, you can buy hand-made products at good quality and in fashionable.  trend.

No. Item  Price Rank  Example
1 Smocked Bishop Dress $13.50 - $15.50  
2 Geometric Smocked Dress $15-$17  
3 Machine-Embroidered Dress $11.50-$12.50  
4 Appliqued clothing set $12-$14  
5 Plain dress $11.50-$13.50  
6 Smocked clothing set $15-$17  
7 Plain Swim Shorts $6.50-$8.50  
8 Shirred Swimwear $12-$14