How to place a wholesale order?

How to place a wholesale order? 


If you want to place a wholesale order for your custom designs, please see the information details following steps below:   


1. As Babeeni’s policy on the wholesale order: 

Minimum order quantity: 200 pieces or sets (including mixed designs: 50 pcs per design per color, 10 pcs per size)

Example: You want to place an order of a total of 200 pieces with 4 designs and 10 pieces per size, please let us know as follows:

- DR 1607: 3M,6M,9M,1T,2T: 10 pieces per size

- BC 437: 1T,2T,3T,4T,5T: 10 pieces per size

- DR 1688: 3M,6M,9M,1T,2T: 10 pieces per size

- DR 1683: 1T,2T,3T,4T,5T: 10 pieces per size

If you change the type of fabric, please advise us which code number of the cloth is. 


Notes: You can customize embroidered patterns or prints on fabric.  

Custom fabric: +$25 custom fee


2. Please provide and let us know details about the item of design: code, size, quantity per size, and fabric that you want to order. Or if you can customize your design, please send information and photos of drawing (if possible) about the custom fabric, design style, or embroidered/appliqued pattern that you want.


For example, you can send us a draft drawing like that: 




K13, K71, K93, K4: This is the fabric code. To choose a custom fabric: to see the types of fabrics available on our website, click here 




a.Please choose the type of fabric and hand-smocked pattern: 

b.Please choose the type of fabric and applique pattern:





g. Blue cover-up with green trim. Green name Macklin.

h. Custom blue towel with green ruffle. 




Custom Pattern Prints on Fabric




3. Please send your request with all the details to our sales and consultancy team. Accordingly, our supporter will give feedback, and consultancy and send to make an invoice for your order.


A sample invoice: 



4. Please email your requests to our sales and consultancy team:

Ms. Haron: 

Mr. Tony:

Ms. Tara:

Ms. Kylie:

Mr. Johnny:

Mr. David:

Ms. Ruby:

Ms. Myan: 

Ms. Susan:"

Ms. Mary:

Mr. Nick:

Ms. Sam:

Ms. Jena:

Ms. Alice:

Sale department phone: 84-24-36686011 ( ext: 202)


5. Your order will be produced for around 30 days to 45 days (up to the quantity of your order). After finishing production, Babeeni will send the products via UPS express delivery courier for 7-10 days to your address as requested.