Babeeni to donate 2,885 USD to fund Covid-19 relief efforts

In response to the national campaign to join hands in fight against Covid-19 pandemic, Babeeni Vietnam Co, Ltd has made an advocacy program to call on all managers and staff in supporting Covid-19 relief efforts. 

Everyone at Babeeni’s Hanoi office including CEO leaders and families as well as all managers and staff eagerly joined and donated actively to the fund so as to support border guards, the poor and the unemployed who missed jobs and badly affected by the tough period of Corona crisis. 

After one-week of advocacy, on 14 April 2020, Babeeni has raised fund of total 67.800.000 VND (2,885 USD). This endowment will be donated to Babeeni’s charity programs of helping, preventing and fighting against Covid-19. A part of these donations first has been donated to The Vietnam Fatherland Front that is a governmental public supporting organization for delivering rice for free to the disadvantaged people in local areas of Hanoi city. Another will be contributed to the charity fund to support rice directly to the poor households and laborers who missed work due to Covid-19.  

Besides, we donate 1775 kg rice to Fatherland committee Viet Hung ward for delivering to the poor and handicapped people.

On 26 April 2020, Babeeni leaders paid a visit to SOS Children's Village in Hai Phong province, delivering 2 tons of rice for charity.

Mrs. Marry Le-Babeeni’s CEO and her family directly visited and gave rice bags to the SOS fund

Kids orphans were eager to welcome Babeeni delegation

Mrs. Marry Le – Babeeni’s CEO-shared feelings that it is wonderful emotion and pleasures for her when herself directly packed rice bag so as to share the disadvantaged people with her true heart. Remarkably, her daughter and son volunteered to spend their own savings of lucky money to the donation. All Babeeni staffs are also very happy to make rice packages and transport to the needy. It shows not only Babeeni’s humanity but also our patriotism as well as strong determination to the global combat against Covid-19. 

We will continue to strengthen community charity activities especially in this Corona period so that our Babeeni Pride is always lighted up in human hearts.  Let’s make a great effort to overcome and defeat Corona together!