Best swimwear design for your daughter 2018

There is nothing more relaxing and entertaining than going to the beach and spend your summer vacation with your loved ones.

However, a recent European sociological research shows that most families don't know how to take advantage of summer holiday with beautiful weather and tons of outdoor activities for their kid.

Parent often claims that they do not have enough time to spend with their kid during summer time because of spending too much labour time and digital devices.

Children have to spend too much time in their room, glued to the screen. They cannot fully enjoy summer and beach activities such as: walking in the sunshine, swimming and making sand castles.

mint check mermaid swimsuit-sw-412-500x500.jpg


Stunning mint check mermaid swimsuit for a little girl- SW 412


It is enough to take your kids to the beach. While children have the tons of energy and want to have fun, just lets them participate in outdoor sports.


floral rash guard  one shoulder tankini-sw-439-500x500.jpg

Pretty floral rash guard one shoulder tankini - SW 439

One of the most crucial things when taking kids to the beach holiday is how to pick out the best swimwear outfit. On this article, we will help you to find the ideals for the swimsuit design for your little girl.

Pick up on the design

We already know that the swimwear design is the essential part to complete your sweeties' wardrobe. There are so many designs that you can find on the shopping online store or Amazon such as bikini, tankini, one-shoulder bikini, one-piece swimwear, and monokinis.  




Many parents want to choose the one-piece girl swimwear for the summer holiday. The one-piece design covers the most crucial parts baby girl body. It helps to protect your child delicate skin from sunburn.

Besides, some people think that the two pieces swimwear is not appropriate for kids. They want to keep little one child as long as possible.

red mermaid swimwear-dr- 429-500x500.jpg

Stunning red mermaid swimwear for little girl - SW 429

1. One-Piece Swimwear Girl


A bikini might too sexy for the kiddo. Therefore, they prefer to opt for the traditional one-piece swimsuit.


Lovely flamingo appliqued swimwear for girl - SW 422


If you are looking for the sun suit to protect your girl from sunlight, this is the right place. Keep in mind that you don't want the swimwear to expose too much of baby's skin.

The one-piece girl swimwear has the top and bottom connected with the classical design. For your little girl from three months to six years, the one piece stuff might be the best option.


Unlike baby bikini which is limited to workout activities such as swimming lap or surfing, one-piece swimsuit is the best choice for its comfort, streamline, and easy-swimming.

pink mermaid swimsuit-sw-409-500x500.jpg


Lovely pink mermaid swimsuit for little girl- SW 409


Many lifeguards choose the one-piece swimwear for their uniform. Your baby girls also can become cuter with the swimsuit for your baby girls if it is flattering to fit their body.

2. Bikini Baby Girl

Do you want to rock your sweetie's wardrobe with a fashionable bikini?

I have a friend who has no issue with a bikini for her little daughter. But "It still depends on the size of bikini," said Marry-mom of two daughters. She wants the bikini which only shows a little part of child's belly.

floral flamingo bikini -sw-434-500x500.jpg

Stunning floral flamingo bikini for a little girl - SW 434


Bikini swimwear is made of two pieces: top and bottom. So it is easier and more convenient for your baby's body to fit in. Your baby girl will love these adorable tiny pieces as it always is the best seller.


The tankini is the best choice for a baby girl as it has two-piece to cover the larger skin area from sunburn.

Last year, there was a big change in clothes trending about one-shoulder style. So this trend is still applied to baby swimwear in this 2018 year. This style will change your sweetie's appearance with the fashionable and unique look.

3. Babeeni design options

Stand out from other trending design, Babeeni has the swimwear Collection which is the combination of fashionable bikini and sun-protect one piece swimsuit. The appliqué pattern on the bodice not only connect the top and bottom part of the outfit but also add more protection for your girl sensitive skin.

pink dolphin monokini-sw-410-500x500.jpg

Lovely pink dolphin monokini for girl - SW 410


Besides, the brand has the wide range of smocked baby clothes which can be used as the matching options with your girl swimwear. Babeeni provides a sizing chart to measure the age, weight and height of your baby to fit up with the real swimsuit.

sea turtle monokini-sw-411-500x500.jpg

Cute sea turtle monokini for girl - SW 411

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