Floral geometric trend 2018





Searching for the best geometric floral dress over the holiday? Do you love some monogrammed item on your little girl? We have small gifts for you.



The cool things about geometric dress are they can never go out of fashion. When we started to make these beautiful smocked dresses, we have no idea it will be Babeeni's bestseller categories. The customer asked about these traditional and timeless designs all the time and their feedback when receiving these precious hand-made gifts is more exciting and astonishing.


Whether it is the birthday girl herself or a guest at her friend' birthday, these Fall dressing geometric will make her stand out from the crowd of infants. Inspired by Children and their everyday movements, Babeeni with more than 11 years of experience in profession garment industry offers unique design, quality and functionality that emphasize the special care and love for the babies and kids.




The fabric material is the most important component when making the geometric dress for a little girl. At Babeeni, we choose the most high-standard material to make her comfortable from frosty mornings to school or to any formal occasion. This special collection has been created from our passion for our every life and important holiday occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving.



Here is the variety of vibrant colour prints and pattern:


large red and white floral fabric


F21 - large red and white floral fabric-500x500.jpg




bird of paradise floral fabric




F26 - bird of paradise floral fabric-500x500.jpg



tiny pink and aqua fabric


F18 - tiny pink and aqua fabric-500x500.jpg




large pink and yellow floral fabric



F20 - large pink and yellow floral fabric-500x500.jpg





Nice flower smocked bishop dress in floral fabric - DR 2529

flower-smocked-bishop-dr 2529.jpg

How adorable are these Floral geometric dress? Who wants to reserve a pair?

Gorgeous geometric smocked floral dress - DR 2525

geometric-smocked-floral-dress-dr 2525-500x500.jpg

Perfect geometric dress for your little angel, elegant bloom flower handmade patterns with pink swiss dot fabric.

Pretty blue geometric smocked floral dress - DR 2527

geometric-smocked-floral-dress-dr 2527.jpg

From the first time I had just met my tiny little girl, I felt like she has been in my life forever. She has been the missing puzzle piece and she's completed the family picture.

Nice geometric and daisy smocked floral dress - DR 2528




daisy-smocked-floral-dress-dr 2528.jpg


Create a stylish and modern look for the celebration and special moment in life that you'll remember forever!




Do you know what make us happier? Getting photos of your adorable little ones. Should you have any, please do not hesitate to send them to us.