How to Choose the Best Smocked Baby Clothes 2018



Many people enjoy shopping for tiny, adorable clothes, however, some babies grow at incredibly fast pace and these clothes won't be fit for long. It is advisable that to choose the comfortable smocked baby clothes that is safe, easy to wear and washable. Don't buy too much to get the best value for money.

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How to Choose the Best Baby Clothes.

Comfort & Safety Clothes Is the First Choice


The baby sensitive skin could have a reaction against some kind of material fabric or loose buttons, zipper pull, bow, a tie which can be the choking risks. Polyester cotton blends, as well as other natural and organic fabric material, are the best choice to prevent the redness area and skin irritation.

Besides, you may consider how easily the clothes will be wear and take off. Some parents want to dress their child with complex decoration such as ribbon, straps, wiggling, but it can struggle experience when taking off their baby clothes.

There are some small tips to choose easy dressing baby clothes:

  • Zipper and snap come in handy, especially the magnet snaps to prevent jamming.

  • Snap at the crotch is helpful to change a diaper because you don't need to pull them over the head

  • Stretchy neck hole clothes are easy way to gently sliding clothes over baby' head


Size Ahead of Baby's Actual Age

One of the most important things you should think about is the size of your smocked baby's clothes. Most children can wear clothes with advance larger size from three months to one year. Baby tends to grow overnight. You will not want to check their best size every time. So it is more wisely if you buy with small amounts and larger size.

You may want to shop your kid's clothes by their weight and height, not by their age. There are lots of brands who offer size chat by weight and height to baby clothes. It is more accurate measurement tool which should be list along with the recommended age for baby clothes.

I also had gone through the bad experience when I tried looking for my baby girl's dress at the online store. I just bumped into the age recommended label on her clothes and forgot to check her actual weight and height. The dress was too length and my daughter must to wait for one year before she can actually wear it.

Washable is important

Baby's comfort is the key to baby clothes. But it doesn't mean that you can forget about the fabric material, washable clothes mean more convenient and time saving for parents. Unless the baby clothes are used only for a special event, most child clothes are able to machine-wash and dry which is not required much time and effort to parent.

You can check on the label to choose which item is available for hand-wash or machine-wash. Guess that you will be surprised when realizing how much money can be saved by choosing the washable baby clothes.

How many baby clothes you will need?

The number of baby clothing will depend on how frequent you change their clothes and do laundry work a day. The best way to control that number and saving cost is to choose the proper outfit to keep your angles warm and comfortable. There is the recommended list that you may interest in:


One-pieces outfit: You should buy 5-7 of these which are basically for sleeping and playing activities. 7 pieces are enough to keep changing every day in a week.

Shirts: You may need 4 to 7 of these. They are comfortable to slip over child's head and good option to protect from sunlight

Jacket: One should be enough unless you live in a cold weather country.

Pajamas or Sleeper: 4 to 7 should be fine so your child can keep changing clothes every day in the week.

Wearable blanket: Can use as the substitution for a jacket on the cold weather so from 2 to 3 is good enough.

Socks and booties: You want to make sure your baby's feet are cozy even in the summer, so the number should be 5-7 pairs of socks and the same for booties. The problem with baby's socks is that they are easily drop off. You need to tie at the ankle.

Hats: You should have one hat to protect baby skin from the sunlight or keep the baby's head warm in the cold days.

Fleece wear or Snowsuit: It is not necessary if you live in warm weather are. You may need one of these to keep your baby warm on outings if you have cold winter.


The above list has covered the number of basic clothes sets that you may actually need. But don't forget to think ahead about climate condition before choosing the right clothes for your baby. The number of baby clothes can vary depending on your budget and lifestyle, but if you love to see your little one on cute baby clothes, don't hesitate to dress them now!