Inauguration of the Babeeni Lao Cai Embroidery & Clothing Factory



In the morning of 21st April 2022, Babeeni Co., Ltd held an inauguration ceremony of the project “The 3rd embroidery and clothing factory” in Dong Pho Moi Industrial Park, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai province – the Northwest mountainous region of Vietnam. This event is to mark 15th anniversary of the establishment of Babeeni Co., Ltd (since 2007).    



Mrs. Marry Le * Babeeni's Founder and Mr. Hai Le * Co-Founder of Babeeni together with honored guests cut the ribbon to inaugurate the new factory. 

Babeeni has inaugurated a new facility system that was finished in Stage No.1 in an area of more than 15,000 m2 (Total area of this project: 48,666 m2).

With a total investment capital of nearly 5 million USD, the new Babeeni Lao Cai Factory is equipped with advanced machines with target capacity from 1 to 1.5 million pieces per year and is expected to help reach total revenue of more than 35 million USD for children's clothing products in 2022.

Mrs. Marry Le - Babeeni's CEO/Founder - made an emotional speech and strong commitment: “On behalf of 2000 employees, I am really happy and proud to attend inauguration ceremony of the factory construction project in Lao Cai province where humans are potential and traffic is convenient. With vision for sustainable growth and mission to bring jobs and happiness to laborers and customers, Babeeni is determined to affirm its market position as a prestigious international brand in the embroidery and clothing industry with the high-quality products and fully qualified to export mainly to the US, European and Middle East markets. Besides, our business development stages always go with benefits to social community.”

Currently, there are more 600 laborers in hand-embroidery craft and 100 laborers who are disabled people working in this factory. Babeeni also held tens of no-cost training courses for ethnic people from remote mountainous areas, moreover, give them free accommodation, health care and even extra support fees of 100 USD per person so that the disadvantaged people become skilled laborers and escape from the poverty.   

The 1st stage of this project was completed only for a short time, including construction of 3,600 m2 of concrete yard, 6,604 m2 of production houses, kitchen, canteen, garage, operators’ house, shift-break house and others such as electricity system, telecommunications, drainage system, protective fences and green landscapes... As planned, the new factory is built in neat, clean, safe and eco-friendly working environment to serve laborers with good facilities at the most.

The new Babeeni Lao Cai factory project is a milestone marking a strategic development of the roadmap that orients the Babeeni company to become an embroidery and clothing export Corporation in coming years. It is expected to create jobs for about 3,000 laborers in the next 5 years.

This is a meaningful gift that Babeeni is proud to show customers, employees, and all who love our Babeeni brandname so as to reinforce the belief in our international brand to shine up and keep developing sustainably.

Here are more some pictures of  Inauguration