Notice * Change in policy of discount/bonus



Dear our beloved customers,

Babeeni would like to send our sincere thanks to you for being our precious companion to develop business and together overcome challenges during the past time of tough Corona outbreak.   

Due to Covid-19’s negative effects, rising price of cotton fiber and materials has recently caused 20% increase in prices of fabrics in global market. Besides, energy market of oil and petroleum is going up more and more, leading to escalating transportation and shipment costs. Moreover, labor costs are up 5% annually to pay for well-skilled and experienced employees.

For all the reasons, Babeeni need to adjust policy on discount and bonus to orders so as to cover partially these arising fees and ensure the same good quality as previously.

Meanwhile, we always try to give customers the best priority and remain stable price of products from 2019 to now on. 

For “Fast Pay Bonus”, it shall be applied 1% deduction in total value of a wholesale order that you make fast payment within 3 working days.  

For a big order, discounts shall be applied as below:     

- Order of 1000 – 1999 pcs or sets: 2% OFF

- Order of 2000 – 2999 pcs or sets: 3% OFF

- Order of 3000 – 4999 pcs or sets: 4% OFF

- Order of 5000 pcs or sets and over: 5% OFF

This policy is applied from 1 November 2021.

We really hope that you can understand for this current market situation and support for our policy well so that we can make long-term collaboration together.

Thank you so much for your kind cooperation. 

Warm thanks & Best regards,