Decoration contest in Babeeni

TET holiday or Vietnamese Lunar New Year is coming. To integrate with this atmosphere, Babeeni held a contest for all departments to decorate the working room with title around “TET”. All departments are eager to attend to decorate. After many attempts, departments decorated working room in the best ways. Everyone not only decorated working room beautifully but also wore pretty.

This is pictures from sales departments.

Beautiful pictures from purchasing  department

This is results of shipping department

This is accounting department

pictures from design department

Now is pictures from Brand department

All working rooms became very beautiful & luxurious. With criterios: decorating correct tittle, beautiful corner about “TET”, pictures shows units, creative decoration, pretty background & beautiful outfits, Brand department won in this contest. Another departments also received

After a day attempt to decorate, Everyone has a happy & eager days. Happy Babeeni & all Babeeni staffs a lucky & successful New year.

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