In the spirit to “enjoy an fantasying summer and relaxing time”, Babeeni spent a 2 day vacation in Ha Long sea city from 14 to 15 July.
Ha Long Bay is known as one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam and a famous UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. It is not so far from Hanoi, just more 3 driving hours.
Our trip including Babeeni staff in our head office set off at 8 am in the sunny Sunday.   Coming there, we seemed to escape from the hot weather of Hanoi capital to immerse in the cool beauty of the sea city-Ha Long. After a lunch in restaurant, we had big funs together in experiencing adventurous games and water activities in the Sun World Park, the largest entertainment complex in Ha Long. 

Babeeni Team at the Sun World Park

And when the sunset came, we went to the beach to swim and play with waves along the white sands.        
Especially, evening moments was delightful for everyone to enjoy seafood dinner, share stories, walk to night market and have team building activities such as karaoke singing and dances on the beach.

A karaoke singing contest of Babeeni ladies

A friendship connecting game
On the next day, our team went to Tuan Chau Wharf to have a cruise to visit Ha Long Bay.
Sitting in boat cabin or standing over the board, we let our eyes indulged with spectacular seascape of limestone pillars, deep green water and the sun shimmering particles fall down to the sea. As told by the guide, the limestone in this bay has gone through 500 million years of formation. It was wonderful for us to have feel about the perfect taste of the ocean in seafood lunch on cruise as well the as majestic scenery that the Nature Mother granted to only Ha Long Bay. 

The spectacular seascape of Ha Long Bay
The boat dropped by Bo Hon area for us to discover Sung Sot (Surprise) Cave - one of the most beautiful and largest caves in Ha Long. 

Then, we continued the journey to Titop Island, a charming island where crystal-clear water and smooth sand. And everyone let the waves of Halong bay relieve all the stress of the busy day-to-day life. Some people swam, some climbed to the Mountain top Titop to have a overview over Ha Long with the fantastic and magnificent landscape. Babeeni’s designers so excited that they said to just catch some creative ideas for some new collection on the ocean, the mermaids or swimwear for kids. 

Babeeni team at Titop Island

In the afternoon, the cruise took us to back the wharf, finishing a nice tour. Saying “good bye” to rhythm of waves in Ha Long”, we backed to Hanoi in late afternoon. Some kids still wish to stay more. But all refreshed and recharging enough batteries to start working days more energetically.   
Many of us have been to Ha Long already but still feel impressed by this trip, because we had great time to be happy together and understand more about the meaning of the called Babeeni Family. This special occasion also strengthen colleague relationship and solidarity among members of Babeeni. 

Above all, we would like to send our sincere thanks to the Boards of Directors, Mrs. Marry Duong and Mr. Hai Le who gave us a chance to make memorable moments.