U.S.A Cotton Fabric



A premium quality aspect Babeeni Co. Ltd is proud to announce that our cotton fabrics have been made of COTTON USA trademark

The American raw cotton fibers have been of the United States origin and imported to Vietnam to produce yarns via spinning process, then be woven into fabric. 

The USA cotton fabric is considered as the top grade compared to China and India, accounting for 40% global textiles market. This type of fabric is absolutely safe to baby and children’s skin. Besides, the U.S cotton fabric also meet eco-friendly international standards that natural cotton fiber is biodegradable faster than any other materials ingredient.

Characteristics of U.S.A Cotton Fabric  

**Strength and Sustainability     

Made of strong, consistent and uniform fibers, USA Cotton fabric is one of most sustainable materials and whiter, finer, stronger and cleaner than others. 

* Softness & Absorption

This textile is chemically organic, derived from the fibers surrounding seeds of cotton plants. It is why cotton fabric is smooth and soft to touch more than ever. Especially, cotton fabric is highly breathable and absorbent. 

* Comfortable to wear

The USA Cotton fabric is prized for its comfort, easy to wear and become favorite high-quality materials for apparels, garments and especially for children clothing.  

*Trusted Quality

Cotton USA have been manufactured by Cotton Council International the export promotion arm of the National Cotton Council of America (NCC). Below is the certifications:   

Quality in & Quality out 

Babeeni values our brand name’s reputation and so always pay attention to quality control and every stage of production so as to make clothing apparels at the best quality and the best adorable price. It is the reason  why we choose the U.S.A Cotton Fabric that cotton fiber derives from the America and Babeeni’s cotton clothing products turn back to the America to serve beloved customers.