Warning about cheating and impersonation



Babeeni would like to warn all our customers about recent cheating and impersonation of those who use Babeeni brand to access our customers and cheat money.

So, we only confirm that our official emails for every transaction have the only format: name@babeeni.com.

In case of email system error, we will use:

name.babeeni@gmail.com and always CC info@babeeni.com.

Besides, to confirm clearly and exactly, please contact Babeeni via Live Chat on our website babeeni.com or fanpage, or via phone that hotline and sale phone numbers are mentioned on our website/fanpage.

Scammers have been found out recently: Bella Stitchio and Bella Tan.

Please help take the notice to avoid any loss or damage related to your finance.

Thank you.

Babeeni Co., Ltd