We Can Change The World By Giving Hope to Others-Wheelchair Donation April 2018



There are several million Vietnamese disabled people and children who living in poverty and cannot afford to have a wheelchair. The disadvantage condition has not only devastating impact on everyday life but also is the demanding challenge for their families. Babeeni believes that just one wheelchair has the positive impact on the recipients' life and giving their children a warm, safe, dignity and independence environment to grow up in.

In the April, Babeeni has collaborated with Vietnam Guardian for the Disabled People and Orphans to participant in the program "giving wheelchair donation and support for people with disabilities"  The program sponsored by non-profit corporations:  FWM (Free Wheelchair Mission US),  HSCV (Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam) and GIBTKs (Giving It Back to Kids).

In this special day, Babeeni founder-Mrs. Mary Duong and our staffs had worked with other corporations to donate 50 wheelchairs for the disabled people in Hai Duong Province. Most disabled people are selected based on certain criteria that establish their needs to benefit from the program. By giving the transforming gifts for handicapped people, we are expressing the care and concern of whole society to those who are not lucky in life.


We hope that these wheelchairs will not only change their family everyday life, but also open door to the job opportunities, the education for their children and the community that these individuals only can dream before. We look forward to providing the embroidery, hand-smocked and sewing clothes technique free-training-course to the disabled people.


In order to use wheelchairs effectively, we plan on organized training courses for assembly, adjustment and use instructions.

(Ms) Duong Thi Phuong Hien – General Director was giving a wheelchair to disabled boy

Representatives were honored to contribute to handicapped people

We are incredibly grateful for the partnership with non-profit organizations. Babeeni believes that if all of us working together, we can bring the mobility to the millions of people in need, to encourage the disabled to have more motivation to strive for a better life in the community.

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