Babeeni continues to support medical examination 2018

Babeeni continues to support medical examination to the local inhabitant Hai Duong Province.


For a long time, Babeeni has considered voluntary and charitable activities as essential parts of our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Follow up the Charity activities last month, Babeebi had continued to organize medical examination and donate free medicine to the local community at Hai Duong Province at 19 June 2018.


We deeply understand that giving the free healthcare test to elderly and children, we could help these people to aware of the importance of their health and improve their wellness. This meaning monthly event has been conducted for so many years from the day of Establishing. Thousand of new clothes, medicine, suppliers has been giving away to the people who are in difficult situation.


Despite the adverse weather, (there was a big storm in that day) Babeeni staff were eager to support and guide the elderly to the medical examination room. We all understand that we can contribute a small part to help these underprivileged people, from children to the old and the poor in the area.



As usual, the program was supported by the "Vietnamese Young Doctors Cooperation" from Bach Mai hospital. These enthusiastic and warm- heart young doctors had done the medical examination to over 500 elderly and household in poverty.


The patients were waiting for medical examination




With this firm belief, we promise ourselves to keep this enthusiasm and compassion to provide more and more help to disadvantaged people in the society.

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