Why are baby clothes ridiculously expensive?


Shopping clothes for kid are very challenging and amazing experience... Nowadays kids are growing very fast, so it is quite confusing to choose the fashionable and stylish baby outfits. Recently, I did some research on some popular fashion brands and when looking up online store I was surprised by their ridiculously expensive price.

For instance, I have seen the unique baby clothes which many of the people couldn't afford to. They are adorable but not necessary if I'm on a budget. Why these Nike shoes for baby are as much expensive as adult versions while children only can use them for couple months? It is common sense to think that your baby's clothes with less fabric used should have the lower price compared to the adult ones.

There are couples of reasons to explain why this phenomenon couldn't be seen as one-to-one comparison.    

The manufacturing process and the material are 100% good quality

Baby clothes makers notice that our kids have such delicate and sensitive skin that could easily react or being affected by a small scratch. For kid's well-being, they choose to invest more financial resource on manufacturing process and this leads to the raising of baby outfit's selling prices. In fact, if we take a look at those baby clothes in store, they are durable, classic and really nice because they made by 100% high quality and skin friendly fabric.

The manufacturing process for baby clothes is taken into consideration more than the adult ones. It involves several safety regulations, special processes from choosing the safety fabric material and decoration, and attention to detail to comfort our children. The quality of children outfit is checked over and over on each process of production until the final clothes are bagged or packaged for sale.

To fully understand the manufacturing process of baby clothing and its cost, you may want to know these different parameters involved which could divide into the direct and indirect cost. On recent research, sourcemygarment indicated that there are six types of manufacturing cost included from raw material cost to labor and production cost. For this reason, It is not surprised that the clothes are more expensive for kids.  

Because The Cost of Materials Used Generally makes up 30 percent 

According to BabyCenter, the fabrics cost often "make up for 20-40 percent of a normal baby clothing product". Even for some favorite fashion brand name designer these figures only makes up for only 10 percent. Let's get one thing clear, nowadays kids’ clothing is so much in fashion and trendy, the fabric is not being the most important factor contributed the final cost of the product. The pricing of baby clothes are much more on the values of "brand name designer" than the cost of raw material.

The amount of fabric material used to create child clothes may be vastly different compared to the adult ones. But it does not contribute much to the total price of finishing clothes. Otherwise, there is no saving except a small amount when making a children's outfit because it is constructed and designed precisely the same way with our clothes.

Babies are The Apple of The Eye for The Parents

The biggest reason may be quite not surprisingly, it is based on our parenthood nature. As a mother, I just want to "give my cute little angel the best". Remember how happy and joyful when "I hold his hand the first time". I have a friend who is admiral hadn't bought clothes for himself in almost one year but cannot hesitate to buy the breathtakingly expensive baby clothes that the child only can wear few times.

Needless to say, parent goes crazy and treats their children like a princess or prince. I want to dress my babies like a doll and talk with them "Look at you! You are so cute!!" Every single time I go shopping, I ask myself same question "Should I buy those adorable little scraps of cloth" even when I saw exactly how expensive all these cute baby clothes. The manufacturers know that they can sell it, they know the parents are willing to "pay higher for children".

Every product has its own customer, shopping for baby is absolutely one of the funniest things about parenthood. There is some leather jacket from baby luxury brand very expensive at 400$ and common parent cannot afford. But still, there are many people being enamored with the rich, wealthy and their lifestyles, purchase those expensive clothes to outfit their baby.  Manufactures has found ways to get us spend more money while still make us happier.

Above All Else

While the kid outfits are so expensive, keep in mind that the most important on buying baby clothes is keep our children comfort, healthy, and safety. Babies don't know much about what you are outfitting them. Eventually, your sweet little kid is going to turn into an adult very soon. And this is something you should aware of, "every child is adorable and cute in the parent's eye" no matter what they wear!

PS:  You could pay someone to make baby clothes for you - not sure how much cheaper it would be, but at least you could choose the same materials as those online stores. Besides, there are some online baby clothing sites which offer such brilliant clothes at cheap rates with discount. You can check the sites at my upcoming topics.

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